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‘ Stylish & unique bags, made in Belgium’

‘ Honouring craftsmanship and respecting the environment and its resources'

The leatherwear brand YUSO produces luxury fashion accessories with stylish, pure and clean design in limited editions. Specially designed for the modern, original, assertive and radiant woman, open to the world. A woman in all her femininity, breathing the joy of living and seeing life in colour. The bags are inspired by diversity, by the different cultural influences, a harmonious fusion between different worlds.

YUSO allow women to reveal their originality and to feel special & unique!

YUSO want to be an authentic brand. It promotes essential values such as know-how, craftmanship, ethics and sustainable development. All bags are handmade by a Belgian leather craftsman.

To protect our planet and its resources, YUSO mainly use leather offcuts coming from leather tanneries, craftsmen and other Belgian designers. It's 100% "Made in Belgium" in limited editions!

In a few words, YUSO stands for 'Elegance, Authenticity and Sustainability'.

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